tisdag 24 februari 2009

2.50:-/Muffin = EPIC FAIL!

This is perhaps my worst buy yet. It's still the 24:th, so I don't really got that much money. In the search for something to ease my hunger I went to Konsum near Blustret and found these really cheep ekological muffins baked yesterday. 10 kronor for four (!!) muffin. Thats 2.50 for each.

Note to anyone hungry with a short budget: - ANY food that cost less than a small pakage of milk should be considered as junk.

Now my stomach hurts since I ate, not one, but TWO ridiculously cheap muffins. I feel ashamed.

2 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

Well, no, no shame on you young man. Considering muffins a well nedded noodle-substitute, I think your shame may fly to some devilish place and stay there.

Anything that kicks noodle ass (after noodling up once a day, day after day - and not even on the fancy kind - is worth worship and heavinly grace).

So, to sum it up, embrace that muffinfilled stomach, be proud and hold your head up high!

Joakim Nyström sa...

Well. I got the badest things from both worlds. Sad, cheep, crumbly muffin AND Ramen (taste: Oriental).

I think they should brand Noodles a they do with cigarettes. "This may harm you!" or why not "Beware! Contains no nutricions."

Even the tag "May contain traces of vitamines and minerals" is worth to consider.

Good your not grumpy any more. :)