tisdag 24 februari 2009

But why are you blogging in english?

I guess you noticed that I switched to english. There's a reason for that. In fact there are several.
  1. I'm getting sick of getting word suggestions in swedish when I'm post Brightkite notes in english on my Iphone. I'm also getting tired of get that annoying underline of spell correction when I write posts in english.
  2. Somehow I get this feeling that it's harder to switch between Swedish and English all the time instead of doing an effort to learn english properly. I know that I probably (hopefully) express myself better in swedish, but since I consider myself beeing a fast learner I'd probably catch up.
  3. I got this thing I call Winnerbäck-small town anxiety. I really want to get out of Sweden in a year or so, and I think that perhaps blogging in english would expand my social horizons a bit. (It's kind of cocky to comment someones blogg in english and then only have bloggposts in swedeish.)
  4. Actually this is not a reason to blog in english but to get me blogging more on the J. Nystrom Design blog. If I'm only allowed to post things in swedish there I might post more there.
Yeah, that pretty much sum things up. Enjoy it, unsubscribe or get a dictionary!

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