onsdag 25 februari 2009

Ramen, my friend. I gotto break up with you

OMFG. I'm so sick of Ramen Noodles now. For the last two or three weeks this japanese junk been my default food. I do love japan. And I do love Ramen. But the cheepest ones from the nearby Konsum? For 21 days in a row? I don't think so.

Now it's the 25:th and the money from CSN has arrived. I even gotten a few design and web jobs. Therefor it's even harder to stay on a tight budget. My first idea today was to get some sushi, even though I got like... five? pakages of Ramen down the Bluster basement. That's the backside of having a buck or two: When you know you can get some fancy lunch, nothing else will do.

Today I did good though and sticked to Ramen, but tomorrow I got to get something else.

Well. Gotto get back to work now so I'm done before I go to the Box.
- Yeah, I'm gonna kick some serious but tonight. :)

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