torsdag 26 februari 2009

Stealing tea... or sumthing.

I'm all alone here today. Just like yesterday. But Jennie told me she'd come by and work for a while. That was like two hours ago. Now I'm feel like a loner.

I've haven't got much sleep lately, I'm pretty much covered with jobs and it's freakin freezing everywhere I go. A funny (not that funny, actually) thing with Blustret is that the temperature falls about 5 degrees when the sun goes down. Even though the sun is up it's pretty damn cold here, so I better get done here soon and to keep my heat up I stole some tea from my dear fellow Bluster friends.

The tea seems to be what we refere to in Sweden as urinutrivande-lesbiskt-anarka-vegan-te, since it contains both aloa vere and green tea. It looks like... ah, I wont even go there.

But it's good! I'm definitly going to steal more by occasion.

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