onsdag 25 mars 2009

Todays news: Nothing is new

Still working my ass off. Still loving it.... sorta.

I could use some time off. Seriously.

13 hours a day, two weeks in a row is far away from ok working hours. But I'm kind of convinced that it will only be like this until next week.

söndag 22 mars 2009

Time off in a working weekend

This weekend I've been working on a website which is launching next week, so most fo my time has been spent at blustret. But even though I had to work, I spent a few hours on quality time with Jen.
I think we sometimes underestimate the value of just cooking up some good food, watch a semi-good movie and just sit down and chat with the people we love.
In the persuit of success I sometimes forget about how valueble small the between time is. The things you sometimes forget to mention when someone asks you what you've done during the day. - Just sitting and imagen yourself old, wandering off through old memories or perhaps dream about the things to come.

But I got some of that. I've started to realise how important those things are to me.

Yesterday, I'd some pasta and watched a movie, Lost and Delirious. It wasn't perhaps the most well written or best directed movie I've seen. It actually reminded me of the days when the swedish channel 5 were kind of lame and just showed cheesy movies. But it was perhaps because of that I really enjoyed it. It just was. Not pretentious. Nor ambitious. Just a story told.

lördag 21 mars 2009

Fine day

Did a lot of work today. Even though most of my time went to
administration and management I for once felt I done good. Later on
the afternoon Jen came by with her brand new phone and we finnished
off the evening with some fine vine and Guitar Hero. Pretty neat.
Now we've just had some gambas con aijo and now I'm so tired I barely
can keep mybeyes open.

Great day!

tisdag 17 mars 2009

Indie video marathon

I found some of these cool videos while I was checking out how Youtube is celebrating St Patricks day. So I thought I 'd just should show some love and shar. :)

Those dancing days
-Home sweet home
Great music, fantastic band. All smiles.

Peter, Bjorn and John
- Norrlands Riviera
This is not actually music. You're probably more familiar with their song Young folks and Nothing to worry about (Also a great video btw). If you don't speak swedish, that's not a problem. Even I have problems hearing what the lady sais in the video, so just enjoy the footage and the music.

måndag 16 mars 2009

Bad cookies

I wished I had something clever to say, but it seems that my only post worthy information is that you should avoid the "vaniljdrömmar" at konsum. Once again I'm a victim of me beeing cheep. They were 10 kronor for a bucket, and I just didn't see the warning signs.

They're like a mixture of meringue and bondkakor. Boring, but really, really sweet.

That's all for today. *signing out*

fredag 13 mars 2009

Probably inappropriate, but hey, what isn't these days?

I've been listening to this the whole morning. Extremly adult lyrics, but also extremly cathy chorus too. Can't help it. It combine the best of two worlds; filthy language and nice r n' b melodies. :)

Big warning here though, If you listen to this, there's a big risk you'll hum this lyrics somewhere public and people will be offended. Just like when you hum to this catchy tune.

Tila Tequila and Hot Rod
- I like 2 fuck

tisdag 10 mars 2009

Geeking up

I'm gettting more into code once again. And I love it! I've started to dig deep within the wordpress core and it makes more and more sense. The last year has been somewhat like a been living i Wordpressland and finally I feel comfortable speaking the language. Perhaps not fluently, but at least I'm getting around and starting to become a citizen in this wonderful place of php and database queries.

Right now I've been sitting and trying to figure out dynamic redirects and it seems like 301 redirects is the way to go if you got a blog you want to combine with a web page, without breaking the incoming links. If you feel a bit excited of hearing things like .htaccess-redirects and such, that's probably an indication of you beeing a geek.

And it's nothing to be ashamed of. Geekiness is something beatiful. :)

söndag 8 mars 2009

The video that everyone's talking about.

Even more important than "Steal this Film". This should be viewed by schools, companies and especially our politics. If you haven't seen "An anthropological introduction to YouTube" and got the slightest interest in the real world of the web (and analoge life as well), you should put off 55 minutes of your time to educate yourself.

Dr. Michael Wesch, the creator of The machine is us/ing us, gives us a tour in the social cultural landscape of YouTube. Have a look!

Happy International Woman Days!

Just ade a stop by the blog of TED and found this fantastic clip of Nellie McKay. Do have a look at the rest of the post! Quite interesting!

lördag 7 mars 2009


I just read a few lines of Isobels article in Expressen about how the FRA will affect our new found ways to think which we've gained through the usage of Internet. She mentions Olah Örtengren, a memeber of the moderat party, which on his blog explains how to avoid the FRA. -Stop using the Internet. (Kind of.. He's also doing an effort to be funny.)

I just realised that Piratpartiet got a pretty good chance to get votes in the next election, since none of the major parties in Sweden has realised what ignorant impression they give their new voters. And almost everyone of those voters would rather give up a finger instead of the Internet or celluar phone.

Shout out to Piratpartiet: Throw in free Internet connection to everyone and you'll have my vote.

This is gonna be intresting. (^_')

söndag 1 mars 2009

Poster only the subway

It's for some play for kids. Kids that probably will suffer from
nightmares afterwards.