måndag 16 mars 2009

Bad cookies

I wished I had something clever to say, but it seems that my only post worthy information is that you should avoid the "vaniljdrömmar" at konsum. Once again I'm a victim of me beeing cheep. They were 10 kronor for a bucket, and I just didn't see the warning signs.

They're like a mixture of meringue and bondkakor. Boring, but really, really sweet.

That's all for today. *signing out*

2 kommentarer:

Sophie Strömqvist sa...

Hurra för "vaniljdrömmar at konsum" !!!!

Joakim Nyström sa...

..galna kvinna. Det finns en hel burk - 3 kakor på Blustret. Du är välkommen förbi för att hämta upp dem.