lördag 7 mars 2009


I just read a few lines of Isobels article in Expressen about how the FRA will affect our new found ways to think which we've gained through the usage of Internet. She mentions Olah Örtengren, a memeber of the moderat party, which on his blog explains how to avoid the FRA. -Stop using the Internet. (Kind of.. He's also doing an effort to be funny.)

I just realised that Piratpartiet got a pretty good chance to get votes in the next election, since none of the major parties in Sweden has realised what ignorant impression they give their new voters. And almost everyone of those voters would rather give up a finger instead of the Internet or celluar phone.

Shout out to Piratpartiet: Throw in free Internet connection to everyone and you'll have my vote.

This is gonna be intresting. (^_')

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Rick Falkvinge (pp) sa...

That's already part of our offer. Free as in speech, not free as in beer.

You'll still have to pay for it. Our job is to make sure it stays free.

Anonym sa...

WTF.. yet another Nyströmmare blogging in English ;)

Joakim Nyström sa...

@Rick Falkvinge: Great! (Perhaps I'd should have looked deeper within your party program before posting, but I had a shortage of time.)
- Well, as long as the other parties is acting like fools. concerning the Internet I think your my first choice. I do wish that they'll come around so people don't have to chose between Internet integrity and wellfair/foreign politics, in which your perhaps not their first choice.
I think you do a great thing pushing questions that no one else (in politics) is willing to talk about.

@Daniel Nyström: Yeah. I'd figured it was the right thing to do. I'd like to meet more people through the net, so why would one like to limit themself by using a language only 0,1 percent of the world is speaking, when distances is no longer a limitation when it comes to build relationships?

Joakim Nyström sa...

Haha. I just realised one thing.
- Which other political party would comment on my blog within a few hours on a weekend?

Pretty much none except you.

That's why you'll get in the parliament. :)

Rick Falkvinge (pp) sa...


You might want to add a second question:

"Which other political party would, on top of that, return some hours later to look for a possible response?". :)