söndag 4 juli 2010

Just for the record... (updated... )

(and i'm blogging drunk now)
...I hate positive people. Or at least people that choses 'challanges'
instead of 'problems' and 'set backs' instead of 'failures'. I know
it's against common belives to think that all of that is bullshit. But
I'm seriously tired of beeing à setback and having a pile of
challanges on my desk, when it's obvious what all of this is called.
Fuck it.
I'm going to build my success elsewhere. We are through;
- So-fucking-long Stockholm. - It's break up time today.
There's no nead to work out things, when I'm not even here to stay.
Hope you'll find someone else, more impressed of you, than I.
I'm tired of all this b-shit, so sick of all this lie.
(Please do unsubscribe If you find this offensive. It's ok. )


Nu får det vara nog med alkobloggande. Kommer jag skriva sånt här skräp, så kommer jag fixa en 20 teckens captcha innan jag kan posta via luren. :)
Fast jag kommer nog droppa Sthlm förr eller senare. Fast inte på ett tag. Fast det vet ni säkert redan.

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