måndag 14 mars 2011

I am the void

One chicken
And two bags of licorice later:
Emptiness and still hunger
Whatever I'm filling the gaping need with; It still grows bigger.
I need to still this raging resignation Must make a choice though indecision Can't help that I'm falling,
(Though it's not in love. )
Can't help myself from calling;
Loose my tounge and then hang up. Cause I've been here before It's a refrain in my song
I need to rest assure,
That if I trust, you'll come along. I can't make another lap
This broken record is fed up
Eau de ma vie with a cap
Needs to be shaken and then swept. I'm not sorry, neither safe
Not believing, not feeling,
Not allseeing,
Not a beeing. Somehow I lost my superpowers. Somehow I've spent to much time with hours. Somehow I just don't care enough to become a villain either. I'm for now a vacuum that doesn't give a fuck. Bite me. I am the void.


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